discover the life-changing magic of holding space

Open Space Leadership

Calling six (6) keen agile leaders, change agents, friends and colleagues in Cape Town South Africa.

I want to hold an in-person, two-day Open Space Leadership workshop with you at the Cape Town Waterfront.

My workshop is for 6 leaders who are keen to spark change. You'll learn to facilitate Open Space Events powerfully and effectively. You'll also examine and strengthen your personal stance for leadership and coaching through Open Space. You'll use this deeply powerful practice for growing authentic leadership.

When you cultivate self-organisation by Open Space Leadership you hold the most powerful keys to lasting transformation. I'm very excited to invite you to this special workshop. Are you ready?

Sign-up so we can explore your options to join this cohort for the first live Open Space Leadership workshop in South Africa.

Steve Holyer

photo © 2018 Gerhard Van Deventer/Venture Photography, Cape Town South Africa
Hopper, Famous Harold, and Me

Penguin icon named Harold

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Fequently Asked Questions

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You can read more about Day 1 of this workshop over at Coaching Cocktails. We're taking the same Open Space Leadership course, mixing in another day of leadership training & reflection, and offering it to you live where the two oceans meet.

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